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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome to 11 news saturday morning, i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. we are going to check outside with meteorologist john collins. what's it doing out there right now? >> it spritzed at us this morning so the streets downtown for the grand prix a little wet. not a lot. and we may see a little bit more of that today. in fact over this weekend. >> not the best labor day weekend forecast. >> not a washout but we are dealing with a couple of different weather features, a front, initially this bit of moisture we've had here this morning not really related to isaac. this is a front trying to come in from the north and it will be with us all weekend long in some manner shape or form and eventually some of the moisture from isaac will work into the game, too. here the radar echoes across the town, i've circled baltimore and the beltway as a reference
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point. it's from the northwest passing to the east. there were more significant showers west of us this morning but a lot of this stuff has dried up moving towards the bay. a wider picture of what's going on, we will talk about the weekend coming up in a minute. >> things revving up downtown the start of the second annual baltimore grand prix. >> some of the most skilled drivers in the world will be weaving high octane race car along city streets for the second annual grand prix of baltimore. here george lettis with more. >> the speed is neck twisting. >> 180 miles per hour. >> the sound is ear crackling and the skill is simply amazing. >> it's the best thing i've ever seen. >> on friday, qualifying races began so the grand prix of baltimore is officially back for year two. >> it's like going to an imax and seeing the movie, it's the
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exact same thing, the rumble of the seats, the rumble of your feet, the panic of them going around the corner, please don't crash. >> there was a crash at pratt and howard street thanks to the light rail tracks. >> they were flying over the railroad tracks and literally getting air. >> one of the b.m.w.'s couldn't handle the height and hit the wall. >> a little exciting. we are watching cars coming over the turn here, big commotion, tires screeching and the car's in the wall. luckily, he got started back up. was able to make it back around. >> they put a set of tires on the turn to slow the cars down. there were mixed reviews from drivers about the course, saying it was bumpy and tough to see on some of the turns. >> it's a fun track. it's great for racing. they need to make adjustments with the bumps and flatten out all the way from turn one to turn four. if they did that, it would be spectacular.
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>> that's exactly what city officials are hoping for despite the financial difficulties of last year's baltimore race. >> i prefer to build on the success of the race and to make sure we continue to be a place where world class events can be held. >> you can make your pit stop for baltimore grand prix information. we show you roads to avoid, race information and a map. all on >> no verdict in the trial of two men accused of murder neck with a shooting last year at the towson town center mall. 11 news i-team reporter david collins has been following the developments from the circuit court in towson. >> the state told the jury the defendants put together a killing team. taking a heavy sigh, prosecutor robin coffin with her index finger and thumb resembling a hug slowly counted one to six,
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the number of shots fired, and punctuated the display with an emphatic "dead, dead." according to court testimony, frank williams, alleged commander in the black guerrilla family gang, ordered a hit against 19-year-old rodney pridget. court testimony indicates williams had heard pridget had shot his cousin. williams and william ward are currently on trial. co-defendant, jermell brandon, struck a deal for his testimony, which also implicated tyrone brown, the accused shooter in the case. brandon spotted pridget and his cousin at the mall and contacted williams, who put together a crew for the job. the jury watched a videotape of detective jim lambert interviewing ward, who adamantly denied knowledge of the crime. the detective told ward, they have surveillance tape showing his arrival at the mall, following the victim, pointing out the victim to a person wearing a gray sweatshirt who was tasked to shoot him and exiting the mall with the gunman. the police interview indicated that ward passed brown at the mall, turned and interacted.
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"you looked back at him, turned around, you pointed right to where the victim walked. he, brown, walked outside and killed him." the defense characterized williams, the so-called mastermind of the crime, as a dumb and stupid patsy, the fall guy who was used by the b.g.f. gang and police. ward's attorney took aim at the state's evidence and the expert witness, declaring they took a high-profile case and worked backwards from a conclusion. the jury deliberated 3 1/2 hours. the judge advised the jury not to go to the towson mall or talk to anyone about the case or go on social media and discuss it. one of the jury members has a death in the family and the judge is accommodating the funeral by allowing them to come back tuesday as late as 1:30 in the afternoon. at circuit court in towson, david collins, wbal tv-11 news. >> four men have been indicted for murder and witness intimidation in the robert givens case. givens was found shot death in front of his baltimore county home last year. it's believed the 55-year-old became a target when he turned
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down a bribe to give false testimony in a drug case. derius duncan, keyon beads, and clifford butler jr. and david johnson are all in custody for the killing. >> howard county officials released the 911 calls moments after the train derailed in ellicott city. 21 railcars jumped the tracks and dumped cool on -- coal on two young women. both of the college students died. >> i'm in ellicott city, the train derailed. >> where is it, sir? >> the train fell off the truck. >> is it on the road? >> no, it derailed. >> is anything on fire? >> not so far. >> ok. hold on for just a second. it didn't hit anything? >> i don't think so. >> can you tell if there's any passengers -- is it a passenger car? >> it looks like a cargo train. it sounds like something's
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leaking, something's hissing coming from the back. >> from the rear car? >> yeah. smells like fuel. >> get away from it, ok, and get people as far away from it as you can. >> in the meantime, officials have made security upgrades to prevent a similar tragedy of happening. authorities installed a fence atop the stairs leading to the elevated track over main street and have increased police patrols near the site of the accident to discourage trespassers. the accident is still under investigation. >> time right now, 9:07, 78 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, the doctor is here to answer your pet questions with a huge rottweiler today. >> and chuck edmonson will join us to talk about his new book, a guide to the weekend's grand prix. >> last official big summer weekend and we've had a little rain. what about the next couple of days?
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>> you may have gotten a look at it last night but in case you missed it, this is a shot of the blue moon outside last night, courtesy of wbal 11 news photo journalist chris reyes. the rare event happens once every three years, a blue moon. really beautiful and apparently you won't see this again until 2015. >> that was a blue-gray moon, the pictures we saw there, and that lasted until this morning, until sunrise. the moon hadn't set yet when the sun came up. you missed the opportunity but you had an opportunity because it was up there all night long. sunrise was at 6:35 or so which
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before the moon settled out of the picture. an interesting feature and even though we have clouds in the area now, there weren't many clouds at that hour so you could see it and those clouds have been producing sprinkles and showers across the area. right now on the radar you can see sprinkle activity over the city and over the eastern shore, sprinkle and light shower activity, barely enough to wet the pavement and nothing to the northwest where we have clouds. could see a few more incidents like that during the day today so the threat of rain hanging over our head all weekend long but not raining all weekend long. the beach in ocean city, looks nice and dry. a lot of folks coming out along the boardwalk, setting up on the along the tide line. very nice. currently this morning, 79 here in town. along the boardwalk, 77 degrees,
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69% humidity. 30.05, the barometer, rising the past few hours and west winds at 6 miles an hour. a sampling of some of the other temperatures around the area, easton with 79 and ocean city just updated, up to 82 now. 81, edgewood, 75, parkton. still in the 60's in western maryland with showers this morning and persistently cloudier there and in the mountains out west, a higher rain chance today than we will see in our area. the rain chance is coming from a front that's stalled across the north right now, trying to move south and it will during the day today so there's a chance for shower activity. it will stall in virginia so it's not really leaving but will be with us all weekend long. this moisture is not really related to the moisture yet anyway from what's left of isaac
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which is out in missouri. rains in illinois, back into iowa, down around kansas city. that moisture will get pulled into this front, as well. so it's a double whammy but not as gloomy as it could have been. we will see periods of sun. it won't be raining all the times, but not raining most of the time. 87 to 91, the high. we bank on sun coming into the picture. we will call it a partly to mostly cloudy situation with a light shower from time to time and variable winds at 10 miles an hour. the statewide forecast, eastern shore, lesser chance for rain especially to the northeast. higher chances of rain to the southwest and out to the west. temperatures cooler in the mountains and perhaps along the beaches but we will be up near 90 degrees if given half a chance with the sunshine. future cast shows tonight maybe a shower here or there.
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sunday, a little different story with moisture from isaac getting caught up in all of this with the front to our south so a higher chance for rain on sunday and then again on monday, as well. but not all the time so it won't be a non-stop situation. the ocean city forecast, minimal rain chances today but and monday.unday temperatures for highs will be in the 80's and the seven-day forecast, today, the warmest day at 89 and rain chances higher on sunday and monday but again not wall-to-wall. the rain chances extend through the middle of next week. >> the baltimore grand prix is finally here. amazing cars and events you'll see throughout the city this weekend. the political convention season is upon us. we sit down with the author of the "first american convention." >> email your questions to pet questions at
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>> the newly chosen presidential nominee traveled to louisiana yesterday to draw attention to isaac's flood victims. mitt romney and wife ann toured several flooded regions. today, romney hits a rally in cincinnati before joining paul ryan later in the day in florida. president obama's march to his apart's -- party's convention begins today with a swing through four key states and the storm battled gulf coast. meantime, iowa is the state on the president's agenda today. yesterday, he stood with troops
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in texas and reminded the nation that he ended the war in iraq. maryland will have considerable firepower at next week's convention. senator barbara mikulski is expected to lead the program that highlights democratic women candidates for the senate in 2012 and a record number of 12 are running this november. the baltimore native is the longest serving member in the history of congress. governor martin o'malley is slated to speak at the convention in charlotte. wbal tv and, your home for every moment of the democratic convention from beginning to end culminating with president obama's acceptance speech next thursday. >> and baltimore, maryland, has had its place when it comes to conventions and stan haynes joins us live, the author of the book, "the first american political conventions."
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thanks so much for coming in. why did you write this book? >> i've always been a history nut and very interested in the presidency and i work in down the baltimore at a law firm and kept reading books about conventions in the 19th century held in baltimore so i got curious as to where the were held and what went on there. that's what got me interested in it and when i got into it, i realized there were more conventions than i first thought. there were almost a dozen. >> in maryland? >> in baltimore between the 18 30's and 1870's, more than any other city. i thought it was a book there and decided to write it. >> why baltimore? what was it that was so appealing about this as a loc? >> in the 1830's, baltimore was centrally located. it was an east coast nation so we were central from north and south with a great transportation system. it's a sea port city. and b&r -- b&o railroad was
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important. it went westward and had a line going down to washington and to washington was important because conventions were created as a more democratic way to select presidential nominees. before conventions came around, members of congress chose the nominees for the party and it was a closed system and conventions were more democratic in terms of more people brought into the process but power brokers in washington weren't happy about it and wanted a close eye on the process so the conventions in baltimore was a way to do that. >> what were some juicy scandals that came out of the conventions? >> there were a lot of interesting stories on each of the conventions. the first convention was the anti-mason party and their whole purpose in being was the masons, still around today, they felt
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the masons were controlling the government and they wanted anyone that was a mason to be removed from public office so that was their single issue und they met in baltimore at a building called the athenaeum on st. paul street and nominated william wort, former attorney general of the united states and he was in baltimore and familiar with the convention. he wrote them a letter the same day and was glad to accept the nomination but he was a mason and offered them a way out. had to tell them beforehand and it was an embarrassing situation and they decided to stick with him as the nominee of their party. were women at these conventions ever? >> not certainly as active participants. they were there as observers. most of the conventions had galleries above the convention floor and special sections for the women to appear.
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sometimes gentlemen could have preferred seating. you could sit on the bench if you brought a woman with you so one of the conventions, stories about men going out on the sidewalks in the streets and picking up women and school girls and paying them a quarter, 50 cents, to accompany them through the door. one woman did that several times, go out on the street and come in again. >> that's very interesting. if people want to learn about your book or if they want to you speak about your book, how can they get in touch with you? >> there's a website for the book called with information on where to purchase the book. also there's a quiz on the website you can test your knowledge about the history of the 19th century conventions. >> very interesting. lots of good stories in there, stan. much for coming. >> in thank -- thank you. >> don't go away.
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dr. tim hammond answers pet questions when we return.
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>> welcome back. joining us to answer your pet questions is dr. kim hammond and special large guest. >> this is remy. this is dog power.
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the indy racers have horsepower, this is dog power. we unleashed 660 horses in baltimore and i want to tell you, those guys can drive. jimmy vassar, unbelievable. if you don't go to the races while you're in baltimore, you missed a huge event. tagliani, all great guys. >> your practice is primarily small animals, right? >> this is about as big as they get. >> as opposed to farm animals. >> see how calm this dog is. this is what a well trained dog is all about. you've got train your dog. these dogs are magnificent when they're trained and they're just the opposite when they're not. >> if not, he'd be a problem. >> like my brother-in-law's dog who has a rottweiler that's not trained. sorry, bill. >> we have a female beagle, our writer says, who gets so excited every time someone comes over that she urinates even after
9:27 am
she's been outside. >> we call that submissive urination. you have to go to your veterinarian to make sure not an underlying urinary infection. there are some bloods you can give to -- drugs you can give to tighten up the control of the bladder and ways to prevent the dog from peeing so self conscious. give your dog a command like sit, stay, sit, stay, concentrating. >> a distraction. >> precisely. is it a male or female thing? >> no. i would pet my male dog and he'd pee on my foot. >> my dog is itchy lately. she doesn't seem to have fleas. >> this is the time of year where they get a disease called
9:28 am
atopy and that's due to them breathing in allergens and they get itchy. see your veterinarian. he'll give you medicine. it flares up two or three times a year and you give a drug to relax the symptoms. >> now that you mention that, we will see you. thanks a lot for joining us. we'll be right back.
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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by group]lation energy >> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. >> john has another look outside. >> we had a shower this morning. barely enough to wet the pavement, trace amounts. we can't ignore it, there was some rain and chances will increase this week. you're not going to be able to get around it. the thing is, the cup is half full, half empty type thing. it will not be raining most of the time this weekend. especially today. you can see the shower activity, move of it's on the eastern shore southeast of the city across the bay and it's sprinkles and light rain showers and at the moment nothing west of us but there is this front coming in and all that moisture associated with isaac to the west, still in illinois and
9:31 am
indiana, but that will get caught up in this stuff, too. >> this year's baltimore grand prix has serious girl power. the only all female racing team to compete in six different series is in town and they're ready to get to work. shannon mcintosh waits in the pit in front of the warehouse at camden yards. ready to warm up with the usf race this weekend. she's racing for true car. so is ashley freiberg, part of a ground breaking all female race team. >> it's not often that you get a company that wants to support 6 women, fully sponsored, in six series. >> six women make up the team but only two are racing in the grand prix. ashley is in the star mazda series. that's one of the rungs in indy's ladder system of racing. growing up with two brothers, ashley got her start at 13. >> it's hard for me not to try racing so when i got into it, i
9:32 am
basically sat in a go-kart and felt i was at home. >> for ashley, this is a dream come true. she remembers being in baltimore last year. >> but i didn't have a ride so i spent pretty much the whole time day dreaming, wishing i could be out here. the track is incredible and fans are super enthusiastic so to be here this year is amazing. >> now both women are ready to go, racing saturday and monday -- and sunday -- in a male dominated sport ashley describes much like testing on wheels. >> so much is mental. a big part is physical but the other half is mental, strategizing, thinking ahead. i think that's why women can be equal to men in this sport. >> we certainly wish them the best of luck this weekend. if you're heading down to the grand prix, it could be a good idea to leave your car at home
9:33 am
and consider public transportation. let's see how the buses and trains of moving. >> good morning, we are getting folks downtown on the bus. we have a few diversions in the dowrnt area. the 1, 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 17, 23, 37 and 36 buses diverted in -- operating with delays around the grand prix and we have a delay on the 35 bus. the light rail is operating buses between hamberg and baltimore stops light rail is on schedule and metro subway on time. light rail and subway only $3.50 for an all-day pass on the bus, light rail and m.a.t. subway. information is available online at for the transit team, back to jennifer and lisa. >> i thought he was giving us lottery numbers.
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9:33, 78 degrees on tv hill. it was a winner at this year's state fair. coming up, we will show you how to make the recipe. looks really delicious. but first, the storm is gone but colleen continues. we will have a look at isaac's destruction when we return. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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>> welcome back. the cleanup continues this morning along the gulf coast in the wake of hurricane isaac. hundreds of thousands still without power. >> and the task of getting things back to normal will take some time. one of the cities working through the aftermath of the massive storm is new orleans. jay gray is in the big easy with a closer look. >> the storm may be gone but evidence of isaac's fury is scattered across the gulf coast. >> we are now fully in the
9:37 am
cleanup and recovery phase of this storm in the city of new orleans. the bell has not rung on this storm and it won't ring until we are finished. >> just like the slow-moving storm, the cleanup will take some time. after two straight days of driving rains, flood waters still fill some of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> we will continue to see localized flooding challenges because we have high water levels in the rivers and bayous. the water continues to accumulate from the rain. >> power crews are just beginning work to get close to a million customers back on line. for survivors, recovery is an all-too-familiar fight. >> i've been through it. you pick up the pieces and move on. >> how many of them are in shelters? >> this afternoon, a stay after accepting his party's nomination, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney toured the devastation.
9:38 am
president obama will visit monday on the eve of his party's national convention, though the focus of both trips is far from political. >> we are not talking politics. this is not the time to do that. >> there are early signs that recovery is on the way. >> we will be back to normal. it may take a week or two but it is what it is at this point. it's new orleans. >> though the task here is big and will be anything but easy. the curfew's been lifted, businesses are reopening as power is restored and the focus here clearly has shifted to recovery. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> all week long as we have been watching the movement of isaac, we have been saying eventually we will share in some of that moisture. we've had shower activity this morning but not from isaac.
9:39 am
this is a different weather feature at the moment anyway and has amounted to enough to barely wet the pavement. sprinkles and light shower have moved across the city, coming across frederick county, across the city, moving to the eastern shore and will continue moving east and southeast. just light rain showers, in some cases just sprinkles. more activity in virginia but not much activity to the west and northwest for the most. in a moment, i'll explain where this came from and where future rain will come for this weekend. our tower cam view showing clouds thing out. inner harbor, 81, humidity 69%. we will feel more humidity today. 30.05, barometer rising and west winds at 6 miles per hour. made ity, temperature into the 90's. today we will see more cloudiness so tougher to make it to 90 but the potential is to get close to it.
9:40 am
82 at annapolis right now and also on the boardwalk, chestertown 80 along with edgewood, elkington 78. frederick 81. 60's in western maryland with showers this morning. more significant rain out there this morning than we've seen around our area here during the day today. we will look at the satellite imagery for a moment and show you -- the radar in along with it, and you can see some of the spotty rain shower activity. a lot of these clouds are relatively thin so a pretty good chance we will see periods of sunshine. more often than not, it won't be raining in our area but there is a chance for rain because there's a front to the north in pennsylvania. it will be sliding south during the day so the rain today will be associated with the movement of this front and available moisture in the atmosphere and then the front will stall in virginia and be klose by and the movement in the atmosphere will take some of the moisture that remains from isaac to the west
9:41 am
and pull that in so that will be a little different feed so we will bring moisture off the atlantic ocean so the combination of all of that, pretty good chance we will see rain, just not all the time across the area. in the tropics, we have leslie and also kirby, a hurricane in the atlantic and these storms are both headed to the north. leslie may be moving northwest for a while and then turn to the north. so these storms don't look like they'll be a threat to the united states. looks like they'll stay way out in the atlantic ocean so our forecast, 87 to 91 the high today. fair share of clouds. sun breaks and maybe an occasional light rain shower and variable winds at about 10 miles an hour. if there's a predominant breeze, it's from the southeast. and our weather future cast shows again by this evening maybe another light shower in the area, nothing significant.
9:42 am
the difference, though, sunday, some of this moisture from isaac will start moving in so i think we stand a higher chance to see rain on sunday and then again on monday but again it won't be going on all the time. it won't be a washout weekend. ocean city, rain chances minimal, increasing sunday and monday. 80's overes in the the weekend for highs and the seven-day forecast likewide. today close to 90 and monday, rain chances increase for scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm and rain chances extend through the middle of next week. >> in this morning's woman's doctor, millions of americans suffer from chronic pain from headaches to back aches to arthritis but what if changing the way you eat could help alleviate that pain. mercy medical center dr. david
9:43 am
mane says certain foods could decrease chronic inflammation. >> studies show changes in as early as six to eight weeks and it's such a benign change, it's easy to make this change. we know it can't hurt you. >> dietitians say there's no answer to the question how much of those foods will help with chronic pain but it's recommended to add a variety of antioxidant rich foods to your diet, three on four each day. kelly o'koren is here with more information. alter theyou chemistry in your body by chankds the way you eat? >> that's what research is indicating, is that foods we have been saying are healthy anyway now may have an anti-inflammatory effect so it's possible you can eat a combination of these foods and perhaps decrease your pain. >> it couldn't hurt to try. >> exactly. the foods indicated in the study
9:44 am
are those high in omega 3's, fish oils and walnuts and flax seeds, fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants, blueberries, strawberries, citrus which is high in vitamin c, whole grains and beans. so they're foods we tell people eat anyway and wouldn't it be great they had this added side effect. >> and maybe another side effect would be losing a few pounds if you're adding good foods to the diet, playing a role in reducing inflammation. >> these foods are nutrient dense so they have calories. >> people who suffer from chronic pain hate to take medication if they don't have to. >> worth a try and the foods have many other benefits so there's no reason not to put them in your diet. >> and another effect of having chronic pain can be depression so when you're eating better
9:45 am
foods, don't you feel better mentally? >> yeah, we are always recommending a balanced diet, a day, a couple of small snacks and include these foods on a regular basis. >> stick around, there's a chocolate torte coming made in a healthy way. if you have any other questions, call 1-800-md-mercy. things are revving up down the for the second annual grand prix. some of the most skilled drivers in the world will weave their high octane streets through the city streets. good morning. how are drivers liking this track? we've heard mixed reviews. >> we had to make a change yesterday to a segment of pratt street but really the drivers are pretty unanimous in
9:46 am
approving the change that was made overnight and we are really excited about a full day today and a full day tomorrow of racing. obviously, you don't want to have that kind of a glitch but it was a momentary issue and we are ready to go right now. you can obviously hear them in the background. we are on track this morning, everything on schedule. >> we are hearing that when some of the drivers would go over the light rail track, they'd get airborne. is that something that's just going to be or is that being worked out? >> we have worked that out. we're restricted somewhat on what we can do with the light rail tracks, obviously, we need to protect those rails. so we have essentially put what we call the shickain, which is a curb that will basically direct cars to the left of that area.
9:47 am
it will slow them down temporarily but not affect the rest of the circuit and the drivers seem universal in the sense that was the best possible solution to the issue. they've just been practicing here this morning and everything looks good. >> when families come down today, what else is there for them to do? >> there's so much for them to do, the kids can ride the ferris wheel or the bump house, jump houses, all kinds of family fun. if you're a car nut, we've got all kinds of amazing cars, both racing cars as well as street cars on display. so for what we call gear heads, this is paradise out here this weekend, they can see a little bit of everything when it comes to automotive items on four wheels. >> sounds great. jay guris, thank you so much for joining us from andretti sports marketing. just the idea that we can hear
9:48 am
him out there is amazing. that's why the microphone was so close because of the loud cars. chocolate lovers don't move. coming up next, the recipe for an award-winning butterfly torte.
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>> welcome back, everyone. more than 650,000 marylanders are expected to hit the roads and airways this holiday weekend despite soaring gas prices. triple-a says gas prices shot up 10 cents from last week because of hurricane isaac. >> marylanders are resilient when it comes to traveling.
9:51 am
despite economic hardships, for many, despite the higher gas prices, they want to get away. >> triple-a officials say drivers should see relief at the pump after the holiday and while some are leaving town for the holiday weekend, others plan to stay in town and attend the grand prix and state fair which continues until monday. the fair has something for everyone, traditional rides, games, horse racing and competition to make the world's largest crab cake and speaking of food, maiden -- amanda klaybeck won the jeeredly chocolate competition for the torte. this is the blue ribbon. >> first place. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> how do you make this? it looks complicated. >> this is so easy and so much fun. you can bring your children in, small ones, my 2-year-old daughter helped me bake this. you start with a bag of
9:52 am
chocolate. from that bag, reserve about half a cup. you'll need this for the topping. take that, pick whatever you like. i used raspberry. the you can use blueberry, cherry, strawberry, anything you think you would like to go with chocolate. dump that into your chocolate chips. insert in the microwave for 30 seconds, give it another stir. make sure your chocolate is melted and you may need to microwave another 30 seconds. from there, dump in granola. we have about four granola bars crushed up. any flavor that you would like would work. in this case, i picked almond honey. >> this is very healthy. >> you want to mix this into your batter that has been melted. from that, eggs whites. traditional torte uses the whole egg but since we are geared
9:53 am
towards a healthier treat, we took egg whites. you don't want to whisk them or mix them before you put them in there but dump them in and in this case mix very well. >> how many egg whites is that? >> one cup, typically seven or eight large eggs. >> that's a lot of eggs. >> you can keep the yolks for a custard or something. pour it into a torte pan or i used a springform pan. put it into the oven for 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. >> that sounded really easy. >> it really is. from there, pop it in the fridge and let it cool. we will take our torte out. >> we will taste when we come back. i want you to show us how to make the butterflies. >> this is so easy. people think it looks complicated. you take your chocolate and put it into sandwich bags. put them into the microwave for
9:54 am
30 seconds and squish them up. this is where kids have fun. from the sandwich bag, snip off an end, just enough you want to feel like a professional cake decorator and pipe it on to wax paper that you've traced a pattern on and in this case we are using butterflies. >> did you make this up yourself? did you figure this out yourself? >> do i a lot of research. i found it online and we have books. >> and the same thing with that? >> and fill in and put them all together. go.e you >> thank you so much. don't go away. john has another look at the holiday weekend forecast.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>> this was a weekend when we do pick 96 on the picnic table, just check the radar first on because we have a shower chance today and a little higher chance for rain on sunday and monday, labor day. temperatures will be in the 80's for highs today the warmest day. it won't be raining all the time so most of the weekend will be ok but this threat will hang over our heads. >> this is gluten free. you will be at the fair today? that's correct. >> look for her. can't wait to try this. thank you so much for coming in. that's all time we have for notice. thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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